• Offering production services from coast to coast
  • Offices in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver
  • One of Canada's largest production companies
  • Over a billion dollars in Film and TV production
  • A team of dedicated industry professionals
  • Innovative approach to production financing





"The success of a production depends on the attention to detail"

David O. Selznick


Deitan Trudeau


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Claude Léger

President Transfilm International Inc.  Producer


Claude Léger has been active player in the Canadian film and Television industry for over 30 years. In that time he has been instrumental in financing and producing some of the largest budget projects ever shot in Canada. Since he founded the company in 1983 Transfilm has grown in to one of the largest production companies in Canada.

Sylvain Proulx

CPA Head of Finance


Sylvain Proulx is one of the leading experts in his domain in Canada. He has been responsible for managing production financing of over 900 Mil $. He oversees all aspects of accounting, budgeting and tax credit filings and applications for the company. Prior to working for Transfilm International Sylvain Proulx worked as a Tax expert for a leading International accountancy firm based in Montreal.

Joe Sisto

Legal and Business Affairs

Joe Sisto received his B.C.L. and LL.B degrees (with distinction) from McGill University in 1998. He also received his Master of Arts degree in International Relations from McGill University in 1998 and his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (with distinction) from Concordia University in 1993. He has been credited as production counsel on over 75 motion picture, television and home video productions.


Ginette Guillard

Line Producer


Ginette Guillard is an established and well respected line producer and production manager with extensive experience working on Production Service Deals and Official Co-productions. Ginette Guillard is a member of the Directors Guild of Canada.




Micheline Lajoie Accounting/Administration

Micheline Lajoie has been with Transfilm International since its inception, she has a Baccalaureate in Business management and Administration from The University of Quebec (Montreal). She handles the day to day internal company accounts, banks, taxes and all other bookkeeping requirements for the company.

Mô Singh

Office Manager

Mo Singh joined the Transfilm Team in 2006. In addition to her duties as office manager she also coordinates pre and post production activities for the company and handles all communications with the various Federal and Provincial institutions. She has over 30 years of experienced working in communication, marketing and publishing.




Barbara Stefaniak


Barbara Stefaniak is originally from Poland where she attended the Romance Studies at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. After moving to Montreal in 2008, she received a degree in Paralegal Technology at the O’Sullivan College. Barbara joined Transfilm International in 2012. Her duties include assisting legal and business affairs on all production and corporate legal matters.




John Eyres

Transfilm Intl. (Ontario)

John Eyres has extensive experience in the business, he has produced and directed feature films in the UK, Canada and in the US as well as setting up a successful international sales company with office in LA and in the UK. John has been president of Transfilm International (Ontario) Inc.
since 2015.


Whitney Brown

Line producer (Ontario)

Whitney is a Line Producer based in Toronto with extensive film production experience not only the U.S. and Canadian film industry, but in production centers around the globe for over 20 years. Location shoots have included Amsterdam, Malta, Mallorca, Budapest, Paris & London. She is a member of the DGC and DGA.


Christine Haebler

Producer  (Vancouver)


Christine Haebler has been active in Film and Television production for over 30 years. Her skills range from producing complicated International co-productions, and major Production Service Deals for European and American Studios. In 2010 she joined forces with Trish Dolman at Screen
Siren Pictures.

Trish Dolman

Producer  (Vancouver)

Producer Trish Dolman founded Screen Siren Pictures in 1997 and has been writing, directing, and producing Canadian film and television for eighteen years.

With close to twenty productions to her credit, Trish has produced feature films, TV movies, TV series and documentaries.




Founded in 1983, Transfilm International is a Canadian based Film and Television production company specializing in international Co-Production and Production Service deals. With its head office in Montreal, Transfilm has an office in Toronto and an association with Screen Siren Pictures in Vancouver which enables Transfilm and its team to offer our “turnkey” services on Film and Television projects from coast to coast. Transfilm has developed solid business relationships throughout North America, Europe and most recently in China. The company also benefits from a privileged banking relationship with French bank and lending institution COFICINE to cash flow and discount Provincial and Federal tax credits at very competitive rates. Transfilm takes a hands on approach to production, managing all aspects of day to day operations both during prep, principal photography and post-production. Our projects benefit from our long standing relationships with local vendors and suppliers in all of Canadians Film making hubs. The company is a member of the Canadian Producer Association and the AFPTQ, and signatory with the DGC, DGA, WGC and WGA, SAG, ACTRA, IATSE and AQTIS.


Production Service and Co-Production

We manage every aspect of applying for the tax incentives as outlined below, we also manage all aspects of production from prep through to full delivery for both Co-Production and Production Service Deals from coast to coast.



• Incorporate Canadian production company

• File all government reports


Legal & Institutions

• Register for a federal business number for HST/GST  or TPS/TVQ in Quebec

• Draft all co-production agreements ( co-pro only )

• Provide copyright holder with Production Services Agreement

• File all government reports

• Register for a federal business number for HST/GST  or TPS/TVQ in Quebec

• Draft all Co-Production agreements (co-pro only)

• Full review of all Chain of Title documents (co-pro only)



• Certify Production with federal agency, CAVCO

• Certify Production with all applicable Provincial agencies

• Certify Co-Production with TELEFILM CANADA



• Ensure qualifying production costs are properly tracked in the accounting system

• Audit all production costs to ensure all qualifying costs are identified to maximize tax incentives


Accounting & Tax Credits

• Prepare Production Company’s year-end financial statements

• Prepare and file Production Company’s Federal & Provincial income tax returns and related tax incentive schedules Financing & Banking


Financing & Banking

• Discount the value of the Provincial and Federal tax incentive through an existing line of credit with French bank and lending institution COFICINE


Production & Post-Production

• Prepare budgets, organise location scouts, local casting and the hiring and identifying local crew

• Work with Producers or Co-Producers to negotiate all deals with local vendors and service providers including VFX houses and post-production facilities if required

• Oversee day to day operations to ensure that all production related decision are monitored to ensure maximum yield from the Federal and Provincial tax credits

• Handle all work permits and immigration requirements for foreign cast and crew working in Canada

• Oversee all negotiations with local Guilds and local Unions

• Handle all aspect of post-production if required, including post-production accounting and the overseeing of VFX






SAHARA is the story of Ajar, a young poisonous snake who is the laughing stock of his own kind because he hasn’t shed his skin yet, and of Eva, a young princess who wants to escape the oasis to avoid a forced marriage. These two are going to meet and fall in love. Unfortunately, Eva will be kidnapped by an Evil
snake charmer. Ajar and his best friend Pitt the scorpion will cross the ruthless Sahara to save Eva from a terrible fate.



Pierre Coré



Pierre Coré

Nessim Debiche

Stéphane Kazandjian



Jean Dujardin

Omar Cy



Nicolas Altmayer

Éric Altmayer

Pierre Coré

Claude Léger

Jonathan Vanger


Production Companies

Mandarin Cinéma

Station Animation

Transfilm International Inc.

Studio Canal




An American boy and top computer gamer is magically transported back to an ancient land where he must become a real-life hero in order to save the girl he loves from the wrath of a
barbarian king.



Matthias Hoene



Luc Besson

Robert Mark Kamen



Dave Bautista

Sienna Guillory

Uriah Shelton



Luc Besson

Mark Gao

Grégory Ouanhon


Executive Producers

Claude Léger

Jonathan Vanger

Christine Haebler

Trish Dolman


Production Companies


Fundamental Films

Transfilm International Inc.


RELEASES 2016 - 2015




Farren Blackburn



Christina Hodson



Naomi Watts

Oliver Platt

Jacob Tremblay



Sylvain Proulx

Christine Haebler

Ariel Zeitoun

Claude Leger


Executive Producers

David Linde

Tory Metzger

Jonathan Vanger

Lisa Ellzey


Productions Companies


Transfilm International Inc.



John Madden



Jonathan Perera



Jessica Chastain

Mark Strong

Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Sam Waterson

John Lithgow



Ben Browning

Kris Thykier

Ariel Zeitoun


Executive Producers

Claude Leger

Jonathan Vanger

Patrick Chu

Aaron Ryder


Production Companies


Transfilm International Inc.

Willing to bend the rules for her clients, Elizabeth Sloane (Jessica Chastain) remains one of the most sought-after lobbyists in Washington, D.C. When asked to help oppose a bill that imposes regulations on firearms, she instead joins a scrappy boutique firm that represents the backers of the law. Her defiant stance and determination to win now makes her the target of powerful new enemies who threaten her career and the people she cares about.


A widowed child psychologist who works from home in rural New England faces a terrifying surprise as a winter storm approaches and threatens to cut her off from help.




Camille Delamarre



Luc Besson

Bibi Naceri



Paul Walker

David Bell




Luc Besson

Claude Léger

Jonathan Vanger


Production Companies


Transfilm International Inc.




Barry Sonnenfeld



Gwyn Lurie

Christophe Lambert



Kevin Spacey

Jennifer Garner

Christopher Walken



Lisa Ellzey


Executive Producers

Claude Léger

Jonathan Vanger


Production Companies


Transfilm International Inc.



After a terrible accident, a workaholic businessman finds himself inexplicably trapped in the body of his family cat.


In the near future. The mayor of Detroit wants to get rid of the Brick Mansions, ghettos controlled by Tremaine, the city’s most notorious gang leader. Lino, a virtuous cop, wants to shut down his operation for good. But when Tremaine kidnaps Lola, a tough chick Lino is still in love with, he is forced to team up with Damien, an undercover specialist. Not only is Lola in danger, but Tremaine is plotting to blow up a neutron bomb within the next 24 hours if his demands are not met. The two heroes will do their best to find the bomb and save Lola, but little do they know that the people behind this plot may not see the destruction of the city as such a horrible thing.



Occupational Hazards (Script)


When free spirited and beautiful Aubrey decides to get on a plane to Asia and escape her problems, she has no idea adventure will be sitting in the seat next to her in the charming Colin, who may or may not be a spy for Her Majesty’s government.


Once these two arrive in Thailand, their attraction takes over and sex turns quickly to opportunity when Colin’s espionage mission is endangered by the death of his associate.


Aubrey is quick to offer her services as a replacement and Colin must fast track her training in order to seduce David Han, a corrupt businessman who holds the key to his mission.


Sex and sacrifice play out in a deadly love triangle where nothing is what it appears to be. How far will a woman go for love? Aubrey must face this question and the answer she finds is full of surprises.


Trapper (Script)


Set in 1870, this story tells the dramatic story of an unusual confrontation between an Algonquin trapper, English and French settlers.


During a particularly rainy night, six drunken white men take their frustrations out on Minji-Mendam, by cutting off of his right hand, this and the accidental death of his beautiful wife Ikwe will take him down a road he had never expected.


For this Algonquin trapper, revenge will be in the eye of the beholder.



The American Fiancée (Script)


Based on the critically acclaimed novel by Eric Dupont “The very best of a new generation of Québec storytellers” (The Guardian) and written by Richard Sadler, THE AMERICAN FIANCÉE is a story of nearly a century of family secrets that unfold over the course of a road trip between Montréal and New York by two women on the eve of the Y2K bug,  The journey will encompass, amongst others things, the WW2 memories of an old German woman and will culminate in Rome on the film set of Puccini’s famous spellbinding opera TOSCA.


Paul Watson's Biopic (Script)


Based on actual events in the early 70's, written by John Collee (Master & Commander) , Matthew Chapman (The Ledge ) and Frank Hannah ( The Cooler ) THE SIERRA is the

story of a Young Paul Watson, expelled from Greenpeace for being too radical, sets up his own organization THE SEA SHEPHERD CONSERVATION SOCIETY and sets

off on a quest to sink one of the world's most notorious whaling vessels called the SIERRA.



The Ghost, aka Gone To Jesus (Script)


Gone to Jesus is a contemporary psychological thriller/drama. When we meet our central character - Connor - he is fueled by revenge and has become a fearless IRA killer in Belfast. Like a chameleon, he knows how to blend perfectly in his environment and has never been caught. He is like a ghost. An efficient killing machine that has bottled up his emotions for years.


Forced to go into hiding after his last hit, Connor ends up near Boston, in the countryside. Living under the same roof, a woman (Sunny) and her young son open up a whole different reality for him. Away from the dark world he has known his entire life, he starts to reconnect with his own feelings, feelings he has buried deep inside since the loss of his family when he was 13. He may be lethal as an assassin, but he is ill equipped when comes the time to deal with Life.


When his desire to live a “normal life” clashes with orders from his mentor, Connor has to choose between returning to his ghost persona, or to disobey and protect the woman he loves, and her son with whom he identifies.


The movie follows Connor’s emotional path to redemption. His journey from being a disengaged human being to someone who is prepared to sacrifice himself for the love of his life, no matter what might be the consequences.


Gone to Jesus is a human story pushed to the extreme. A story of resilience and love.



Sweetwood (Script)


Sweetwood tells the story of twenty year-old Samara (Sam) Delacour, who is forced to abandon her studies at Montreal’s McGill University when tragedy strikes back home. Home for Sam is a 60 acre sugar maple forest located in central Nova Scotia. There, for over five generations, the reclusive Delacour Family—an extended group of dysfunctional nieces, uncles and sixteenth cousins—has garnered a reputation as one of the nation’s finest purveyors of maple syrup.

After the untimely death of her father, patriarch of the Delacour clan, it falls on Sam to bring the family back from the brink of ruin and save the Sweetwood business. An economics major, first among her kin to leave the nest and brave the big city, she returns to ancient feuds and new passions, pulled between the future she’s been striving for and a way of life she thought she’d left behind. She soon finds herself the reluctant guardian of a 100 year-old recipe smuggled into Canada by her great-grandfather, legendary soldier turned sap-cooker, Jean-Paul Delacour, who, way back in WWI, went lost in France’s Argonne Forest, returning home with a dark secret.

A drama with elements of romance, comedy and mystery, Sweetwood is the quintessential Canadian food movie. A story that is sweet, funny and full of life, tragic and iconic.


Que será, syrup.






Jean Moulin

D'Artagnan & Les Trois Mousquetaires

La Belle Epoque

Les Amants de la Rivière Rouge

Robinson Crusoé




Aime Ton Père

Cest Beau Une Ville La Nuit

Chateaux En Suède

Cinq Minutes de Détente

Deux Affreux Sur Le Sable


Fatal Bazooka


L'Homme du 5A


L'Odyssée de la Pacifique

Les Egarés

La Guerre des Nerfs

La Peur

Les 1000 Merveilles de l'Univers

Le Palanquin des Larmes

Le Vent du Wyoming


Sous le Vent de Neptune






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